Airwing ensures emergency response for air ambulance in the north

In connection with the corona outbreak at the Finnmark Hospital in Hammerfest, a sudden need for additional resources has emerged in the air ambulance service to ensure emergency preparedness within patient transport in Northern Norway. Helse Nord has therefore asked the Air Ambulance Service to trigger its agreements on extra emergency preparedness with external ambulance aircraft.

Airwing will bring one Learjet 45 ambulance aircraft to the base in Alta, manned by medical personnel from our partner Advanced Medical Support (AMS). The airwing ambulance resource will run on the long-haul network and is hired from Monday 26 October and three weeks ahead.

"Six0 per cent of all transports by ambulance aircraft in North Norway run between two long-haul flights, and the long-haul aircraft can both offload and shield the service's short-haul aircraft by taking the longest missions." (Health North)

Airwing has extensive experience in arranging medical evacuation and patient transport. Our Learjet 45 has the capacity to take up to two patients on a stretcher in addition to relatives. For the assignment in Alta, we provide our own doctor and nurse from our partner Advanced Medical Support.

Read the press release from Helse Nord here.

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