Airwing realizes the dream of Lofoten in cooperation project

2020 is the year of Norway's holiday! Despite the fact that many now do not get to go on an international holiday as planned, this is a fantastic opportunity to experience everything Norway have to offer. There is little doubt that Lofoten is high on the list of Norway's finest destinations, which is why Airwing has this year partnered with Journeys to offer a dream weekend packed with experiences.

Your dream journey starts as you ascend into our gorgeous Learjet 45 at Gardermoen. From a private terminal we fly you and yours directly up to Lofoten. Enjoy the view from 15'000 meters altitude with a glass of cold to drink and before you know it you are there!

Our partners in Norwegian Adventure Company have extensive experience in tailoring magical experiences in Lofoten. Upon arrival at Evenes, you will be driven straight to Henningsvær, where you check in at M/S Gamle Salten. Over the weekend there are many opportunities for spectacular experiences and excursions, all tailored to your wishes. Bocuse D'or chefs are responsible for the service so here you can enjoy many delicious meals.

There are many advantages to flying with us when you are going on this year's Norwegian holiday: you do not have to worry about queues and waiting times. When you get to the airport you can go straight into the waiting plane. Since it is only you and your travel companion in the aircraft there is also little risk of infection, and since we are also an air ambulance operator we have good experience with infection-reducing measures that involve thorough disinfection of the aircraft before each trip. Many people are often afraid of the high cost of choosing the private jet, but if you fill all 8 seats, the price is actually very affordable and competitive compared to scheduled flights.

Is this your dream journey? Please contact Journeys to tailor your journey or read more on their website.


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