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When flying with Airwing, rest assured that our flights are 100% air-compensated. When we compensate for the carbon emissions from our flights, we balance the impact of your journey by actively supporting carbon reduction projects certified by the United Nations and Gold Standard. On a global scale, we compensate for more CO2 from the atmosphere than we release.

In cooperation with CHOOOSE, we have identified a project that focuses on renewable energy with measurable, long-term impact.

Sachal Wind Power Project

The project includes the installation of 33 wind turbines that generate zero-emission wind power to the local grid in Jhampir, Pakistan. This reduces the need for power plants based on fossil fuels. The project will reduce greenhouse gas emissions on the grid by an estimated 84 000 tCO2e annually.

In addition to the CO2 impact, this project is also certified to contribute to the following of the UN Sustainable Development Goals:

  • Clean energy for everyone. The project's significant power supply helps reduce the number of black-outs and brown-outs, and lifts the economic capability of Pakistani businesses connected to the power grid.
  • Decent work and economic growth. The project will offer jobs during both the construction phase and the period of operation, thereby generating revenue and supporting economic growth in the region.

The project also contributes to local sustainable development by improving local air quality and ensuring stable power supply to hospitals. In addition, innovation and important transfer of technical knowledge to Pakistan are promoted, which is essential to modernize their deficient energy grids.

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"The type of carbon reduction projects that CHOOOSE socializes and promotes represent the best standards for international emission reductions available today."

- Niclas Svenningsen, Manager Global Climate Action at UNFCCC

What is CHOOOSE?

CHOOOSE is a Norwegian climate-focused technology company that accelerates sustainable solutions by creating a more positive and action-oriented dialogue around climate change. The company has developed a platform that makes it easy for individuals and organizations to compensate their CO2 footprint by connecting with some of the best and most recognized CO2-reducing projects in the world.

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